2 Ways Royal Video Poker

2 ways royal is an online video poker game. This game plays with a variant rule of standard video poker. The standard rules of this game however follow familiar poker rules.

2 Ways Royal is available at many real money online pokies casinos and can be played with real or free money. 2 Ways Royal video poker uses a standard 52 card deck. You can make wagers on each hand of up to 5 coins. This game does not feature Wild cards.

How To Play 2 Ways Royal

The aim of 2 Ways Royal video poker is to make the highest possible 5 card hand you can. At the start of the game you will be dealt 5 cards. From this hand you can select which cards you keep and which cards you will discard.

Discarded cards will be replaced by new ones. You may only receive replacement cards once. Once you have your final hand, your pay out will be determined. Since you are only playing against the computer, or house if you will, your pay outs are determined according to a payout scale based on the odds of attaining that hand.

The main difference between 2 Way Royal and standard video poker is that you have two opportunities for a Royal Flush. A 2,3,4,5 and 6 of the same suit awards the Low Royal Flush pay out. A 10, J, Q, K and A of the same suit constitutes the High Royal Flush.

2 Ways Royal Strategy

You can employ standard video poker strategy in 2 Ways Royal. The hand rankings remain the same as in standard poker, with the exception of a high and low Royal Flush. Wagering more coins per hand will increase the pay outs with the high and low Royal Flush both paying out 4000 coins for a 5 coin wager.

2 Ways Royal Doubling Option

The doubling feature may look familiar to slot players as it is essentially the Gamble option you will find in some slot games. After any winning hand you can click on the Collect button to bank your winnings.

If however you are feeling lucky, you can click on the Double button and if you do you can take part in an additional wager on your pay out. You must pick one of 4 face down cards. The dealer will now draw a card from the deck. You must pick one of the four cards.

If you pick the high card, your win is doubled. If you pick the low card, you will lose your wager.

2 Ways Royal Game Controls

At the bottom of your play screen, you will see the button selection that you control the game with. The Bet Max button will immediately wager the maximum amount of 5 coins on your next hand.

The Bet One button will incrementally raise your wager in denominations of one coin. The Deal button will start a new game and the Hold button selects which cards you keep and which will be discarded and re-drawn.