The Classic Casino Game of Roulette


In the 17th Century in his quest to create a Perpetual Motion Machine, French mathematician Blaise Pascal inadvertently developed the roulette wheel. Little did he know that his invention would end up being the starting point for a game that’s stood the test of time and is now enjoyed across the globe in land based casinos, online and even on mobile.

The word ‘roulette’ is French and means;’ little wheel’ but there’s nothing small about the payouts of this game, nor the thrilling entertainment it has to offer. A classic table game, roulette is a name that instantly conjures up images of glamorous casinos, big winnings and sophisticated, stylish players.

Originally played in the French royal courts then making its way across Europe and into America, roulette has certainly gone down in the annals of history as one of the most captivating games. Its long and illustrious history has stood it in good stead and the instantly recognisable black and red wheel is one that attracts great attention wherever it may be found.

Learn How to Play Roulette

Roulette is a game that’s simple to play and although there are a few different betting types available you can opt for the simplest ones. Inside and Outside bets are on offer and players can wager on a single number or group of numbers, odds/evens or black/red. Once your bets are placed the croupier will spin the roulette wheel one way and the little ball the other. As the wheel grinds to a halt the ball will land in one of the numbered pockets and if you have wagered correctly on the outcome, you’ll be rewarded with a payout.

Roulette is great fun and potentially very lucrative and this classic casino game can easily be enjoyed by players of varying skills.

Roulette Variants

There are 3 main roulette variants that are enjoyed in land based casinos and online. In both arenas the European version is the most popular, as this game has a favourable house edge of 2.70%. The black and red wheel has 37 numbered slots and game play is fast-paced and packed full of adrenalin inducing moments.

French roulette is somewhat less sought after as the game is played entirely in this language and isn’t always easy for non-French speaking players to understand. The house edge in French roulette is the same as European roulette, as is the wheel, but the La Partage and En Prison rules can shrink this edge dramatically when they come in to play, giving you the edge.

American roulette is well loved online but this game is far more challenging than the French and European versions. The American roulette wheel has 38 numbered pockets, with an extra zero increasing the house edge to 5.26% almost double that of its European and French counterparts. The extra zero on the wheel has often led to American roulette being called ‘double zero roulette’ and this moniker perfectly describes this captivating game.

When you play roulette online you’ll be able to enjoy all 3 variants of the game, as well as a number of contemporary versions that have been enhanced and adapted to keep players immersed. Mini roulette, progressive roulette, multi ball roulette and multi wheel roulette can all readily be found online and offer you the chance to enjoy this exciting game with a twist.